Who should I vote for in the General Election?

10th December 2019

The general election is 2 days away and I am having a long hard think about who I should vote for. I would describe myself as a traditional labour voter but I don’t like what I see in the Labour party, more specifically I am not too sure about Jeremy Corbyn and his far left wing politics. I was extremely disappointed in the way the Labour party failed to challenge Brexit and provide anything that could be described as “opposition”. I also feel that their plans for reversal of austerity is too extreme. I love the idea of free broadband for everyone and can see how this could have a huge impact on the population but I am worried about what will happen to small & medium sized business who will take a tax hit. I am however a doctor in the NHS and probably the biggest issue I have with any party is my beef with the conservatives who talk nonsense. Boris Johnson seem’s to be able to spew out lie after lie and I simply cannot trust him. He lied about the money for the NHS on the famous bus in the Brexit vote and has constantly been caught out with further lies. I also think the conservatives are to blame for Brexit. They implemented austerity and this has had a huge impact on the poor in this country. There has been an exponential increase in food banks and children in poverty so people wanted someone to blame and they turned on the immigrant workers who were willing to work for low wages. More than this, the conservatives have destroyed the NHS. Never, in 25 years of medicine, have I seen the NHS on it’s knees as it is now. Hospitals are literally closing their doors and diverting the patients and their problems to other hospital who are then overcome by the patient flow and who then close their own doors. We cannot offer the care we want and it’s not good enough.

The manipulation of stories by the media has never been so extreme. Parties are using fake news to sell misinformation, a tactic that has been imported from the US. The story of the boy sleeping on the floor of Leeds General Infirmary was not a lie or fake news. The Chief medical officer of the hospital confirmed the story and apologised for the lack of beds.

What I have learnt in the Brexit process is how selfish and self-centred politicians are. They have their careers to worry about and they will vote with the party line to keep their jobs, not to represent their population or the interests of the British people. I was extremely disappointed in my local MP for his failure to vote to lift the pay cap on public sector workers (amongst other things!).

If we want to save the NHS we have to think long and hard about who we vote for. Although this election may appear to be a Brexit vote, the party that gets in will need to run the country for the next few years. The conservatives don’t have a plan and if they get voted in the NHS will crumble. All they can say is “Get Brexit done”. To be honest, that in itself is a lie, Brexit will take many years if not decades to complete. The Labour party have published detailed plans for the economy but I wish they were more centre ground. So who are we left with? The Liberal Democrats or The Green Party? I do admire Jo Swinson but she is young and does come across as naive at times. Saying that, Finland has just voted in the youngest ever state leader at 34 years of age. They are also very clear on their position on Brexit. More importantly, out of the three major parties she is the one leader who I feel tells the truth and genuinely cares about the country.
So for me it’s going to be the Liberal Democrats, yes, that’s my final answer!


Posted in: Health Politics by Dr Tim Ubhi


Lyndsay Savery

2019-12-10 22:13:41

Tim what a spot on read! Honestly I could have written this word for word. I’m still unsure unlike you though whether to go Labour (trying to focus on the policies not the personalities) or Lib Dem but, I’ve found this post useful so thanks for sharing.

Charlotte Catton

2019-12-10 22:10:57

Cheers Tim! I appreciate exactly what you have said in this and I echo all your thoughts. Think I will also go Lib Dem’s. Boris’s lies are horrendous and I don’t trust Corbyn.

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