About Dr Tim Ubhi

With over 28 years experience in Paediatrics and Child Health, I’ve got the training and expertise to give the right medical advice on nearly all common child health conditions. Online resources are often not backed up by science and medicine, so through this Blog I want to provide online medical advice that you can totally rely on. I have a special interest in PANS PANDAS and have seen over 800 patients with PANDAS, one of the largest cohorts of patients with this condition in Europe.

Covering a range of topics, I hope you find my resources useful. My website, The Children’s e-Hospital , has lot’s of information for you, as parents, to give your children the very best care.

Why should you trust me? What’s my experience?

I’ve lectured in Paediatrics and Child Health at Leeds University for several years. During this time, I also completed research into using Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX® & DYSPORT®) to help children with cerebral palsy to walk. For this piece of rewarding work, I was also awarded the Michael Blacow prize by the Royal college of Paediatrics and Child Health. I was truly honoured to receive this prestigious award.

Following this, I was awarded a Medical Research Council Training Fellowship Award that allowed me to spend 3 years in laboratory research looking at the development of novel treatments for children’s cancers.

I have been a Consultant and Clinical Director in the Yorkshire region and have completed the NHS Leadership Academy Nye Bevan Executive Training Program from which I graduated in March 2016.

Children’s e-Hospital

In 2015, I founded The Children’s e-Hospital to help provide trustworthy resources online for parents and medical professionals. Sharing a knowledge base is really rewarding for me and I’ve been lucky that other medical professionals have contributed to the parent information section as authors. In addition to a full time NHS Consultant Paediatrician job, I am also Chief Executive and Clinical Director of The Children’s e-Hospital, I also run a private clinic in York.

Currently, I’m enjoying working with clinical commissioning groups and acute trusts in the UK to bring the Children’s e-Hospital model into the NHS. Ultimately, I really want to help bridge the gap of communication between the medical jargon and the patients – which can often be overwhelming to sift through.

Through this Blog, I will provide succinct information about a range of topics; Dr Tim’s guide to all sorts of medical topics!

In addition, however, I want to make this fun! Let’s go on a journey that gives our children the best start!