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Hello and welcome to my Blog! I’m Dr Tim Ubhi (most of my patients call me “Dr Tim”) and I will be posting on topics such as common child health problems, medical politics and also some funny medical stories that I have encountered in my 28 years as a Children’s Doctor. These stories will fall under the category of “Diary of a Children’s Doctor”, as I’m sure you will totally understand, names and places have been changed to protect identity. Please leave a comment if you read one of my posts so that I know I’m not alone! I hope you enjoy my Blog!

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Antibody Testing for COVID-19 What’s the Best Option?

Antibody Testing for COVID-19 What’s the Best Option?

There are two tests that we currently have available to test for Coronavirus COVID-19, the first is the swab test where we can look for the presence of active virus infection by looking for the genetic material contained in the virus. This test is great at picking up whether or not you actually have the […]