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Hello and welcome to my Blog! I’m Dr Tim Ubhi (most of my patients call me “Dr Tim”) and I will be posting on topics such as common child health problems, medical politics and also some funny medical stories that I have encountered in my 25 years as a Children’s Doctor. These stories will fall under the category of “Diary of a Children’s Doctor”, as I’m sure you will totally understand, names and places have been changed to protect identity. Please leave a comment if you read one of my posts so that I know I’m not alone! I hope you enjoy my Blog!

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Category: Health Politics

Where is Child Health in the UK Headed?

Where is Child Health in the UK Headed?

I am very concerned about the state of child health services in the UK. Last year 4.5 million children attended A+E. Of these, NHS England estimated that 64% (nearly 3 million) could have been managed by their GP or at home. So, why aren’t people going to their GP’s or managing their children at home? […]