“Outstanding” rating from The Care Quality Commission

22nd November 2019

I am so pleased that The Care Quality Commission has inspected and rated our service as “Outstanding”! This is the highest category that an organisation can achieve and is the result of lots of hard work behind the scenes with our patient treatement coordinator, Vicki Greener and our newly appointed admin support, Liz Parsons, establishing the processes that ensure that we provide a safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led service. Here are some snippets from the CQC report:

“There was a holistic approach to assessing, planning and delivering care and treatment to patients, which included an assessment of their quality of life.
The service was committed to finding innovative ways and improvements to deliver care, treatment and support for parents, whilst also raising awareness with other health care professionals, including GPs.”

“The Children’s e-Hospital had developed a Child Health Assessment Kit, which parents could purchase and use inconjunction with a free App. (It was advised it was suitable for children aged two years and above.) The kit contained the necessary equipment for parents to record the temperature, heart rate and oxygen levels of their child, should they be concerned about their health. Information could be inputted via the App, which measured against normal ranges. There were clear instructions on how to use the kit, perform the checks and what to do next. For example, whether they needed to seek clinical input. We were informed that the kit was useful in determining the possibility of sepsis and had been endorsed by the UK Sepsis Trust.”

“We rated responsive as Outstanding because: The provider had used their knowledge, skills and experience to develop the service, in order to meet the individual needs of patients, due to a perceived lack of service provision relating to PANDAS and PANS. Patients, via the Parent Steering Group, were pivotal in the development of the service. The service worked with other organisations to develop national pathways relating to PANDAS and PANS.”

The journey in developing The Children’s e-Hospital has been exciting and challenging at the same time. We have led the use of technology in delivering paediatric services and have seen our models of care slowly adopted by organisations such as the NHS. This in itself is a huge endorsement but to have received such a glowing report from The Care Quality Commission reinforces our belief that we are leading the development of services that will have a significant impact on the health of our children.


Posted in: Health Politics, PANDAS by Dr Tim Ubhi


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