Association of Group A Steptococcus Exposure and Exacerbations of Chronic Tic Disorders: A Multinational Prospective Cohort Study

5th April 2021

A recent paper in the journal Neurology sought to investigate the association between Group A Streptococcus exposure and chronic tic disorders (Martino D,et al. Neurology, 2021;96 (12)). The Scientific and Medical Advisory Group of The European Immuno-Neuropsychiatric Association  (EXPAND) has responded to this publication and this response can be read by clicking on the following link:

Response from The European Immuno-Neuropsychiatric Association Scientific & Medical Advisory Board

The original article can be accessed here: Martino D,et al. Neurology, 2021;96 (12)


Posted in: Health Politics, PANDAS by Dr Tim Ubhi


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