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2nd April 2020

It is important that doctors are evaluated by their customers, the people they serve, their patients and in turn the parents. The regulatory authorities such as the GMC, place great emphasis on getting feedback from a large patient population together with feedback from colleagues and peers to ensure that a doctor is performing satisfactorilly.

We want to share Dr Tim’s most recent patient feedback so that you can judge for yourself just how good a doctor he is. His patients were asked a number of questions and these are listed below together with the response. In total 25 randomly selected patients were asked about their opinion about Dr Tim Ubhi as a doctor and the data was then analysed by Edgecumbe consulting.

How effective was Dr Tim Ubhi at …

1. Making you feel at ease = 98% Extremely Effective or Excellent
2. Being polite and considerate= 100% Extremely Effective or Excellent
3. Speaking to you in a way that is easy to understand= 98% Extremely Effective or Excellent
4. Giving you enough time= 98% Extremely Effective or Excellent
5. Listening to you= 100% Extremely Effective or Excellent
7. Treating you with dignity= 100% Extremely Effective or Excellent
8. Making you confident in his ability to provide safe care= 98% Extremely Effective or Excellent
9. Ensuring that you get the treatment that you needed= 100% Extremely Effective or Excellent
10. Explaining any risks to the treatment= 100% Extremely Effective or Excellent

Overall the parents scored Dr Tim Ubhi as 98% providing extremely effective or excellent care

Here are a selection of some of the comments left by parents about the care they received from Dr Tim Ubhi:

“Dr Ubhi is an outstanding paediatrician…”
Dr Tim Ubhi is “Excellent all round”
Dr Tim Ubhi “has a lovely manner and was very supportive and understanding”
Dr Tim Ubhi “is in my opinion a fantastic doctor. He has been treating my daughter for approximately 18 months.”
Dr Tim Ubhi is the “Best doctor ever! He actually takes the time to listen to his patients and their parents.”

We hope the above survey gives you a true insight into how good a doctor Dr Tim Ubhi truly is. Sometimes society likes to focus on the negatives but we thought it was important that we showcased the quality of care that his patients receive as judged by themselves.

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Ewelina Mazurkiewicz

2024-04-05 22:13:07

Hello, doctor, I would like to diagnose my daughter for PANDAS, how can I consult you and what is the cost of a full diagnosis? Thank you and best regards


2024-01-07 09:34:27

Hi do you also take young adults? I’m 21 and been having seizures,ocd, behavioural changes/personality, fast heart rate all the time ect and loads of infections such as tonsillitis my whole life. My body aches alot too I have had issues when I was in school that’s when my behaviour changed and I started having seizures in 2019. Iv had eegs and they show some changes but not epilepsy I’m really at the point I cannot cope so am looking for help. Thank you

Dr Tim Ubhi

2023-07-28 12:38:38

Dear Michael, Thank you for your comment. We are holiday an education event for GP's and primary care practioners which you might find useful. Please click on the link below (you may need to copy and paste into your browser): https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pans-pandas-guidance-for-gps-and-primary-care-tickets-687309299617?aff=oddtdtcreator PANS PANDAS - Guidance for GP's & Primary Care Parctitioners

Michael Wetzler

2023-07-28 12:19:59

My name is Dr Michael Wetzler. I am a private GP in Stamford Hill North London. A lady in the area had children with Pandas treated with great success and has spread the word locally so many people are coming to visit. There has been discussion locally with a paediatrician who is not keen for gps to give azithromycin or coamoxiclav just on the basis of significant symptoms and a high asot. I would really appreciate a communication with Dr Ubhi about this

Lianne Jay

2023-05-03 15:28:13

Hi my daughter is 4 years old nearly 5 and she has suffered with tonsillitis numerous times over the years. Over the past few months she has been different behavioral problems, aggressive, seperation anxiety, has to be dragged into school most days, sleep disturbances and extreme fatigue. She cannot walk far and even won't join in in PE. She wakes most nights with sore legs, ankles and feet. We are currently waiting on a referral for ENT as her hearing seems to also have declined. Do you think this could be PANDAS? Will the GP listen if I suggest it?

Julie Bennison

2022-11-07 17:02:44

Please help...im so confused.my daughter is 17...she has a history of dyslexia with traits of ADHD.Tics run in the family and she has been through phases where she's done little things like humming noises and touching the side of her mouth with her tongue.when I've asked why she does that she just said she has to. She gets high highs and is very impulsive but then gets ow lows..whenever I speak to someone she's either too young too old.not bad enough or just a teenager!!! This week she became really ill.temp of over 39 shivering and pain allover..I was beside myself...told at a n e to g home take paracetamol stay in bed.i was later called to say she had streptococcal group A bacteria from a swab off her infected belly. Utton piercing and to go straight to A n E for fluoxocilin. 2 tablets 4 times a day.she started with a sore throat and couldn't swallow.After 3ots of tablets she went strange..she couldn't sleep.her head was rushing she was having bad thoughts n said she felt like she wasn't real.scared I went.back to A n E worried was it sepsis from the infection or the antibiotics t ics. She broke down to the triage nurse.she told them everything and he informed us we would see a MH nurse...7 hours later mia saw the original Dr who wouldn't let me in the room...after spending approx 3 minutes with mia she hadn't given the antibiotics long enough to work she was 17 and proberbly a bit depressed .go home n carry on with the fluoxocilin...I could not talk to him as he had moved onto the next patient...Terrible!!!! I drove straight to our gp and made an appointment for Wednesday.she is now just very sleepy with a very sore throat.ive told the gp everything but I don't know what to do.do I change the antibiotics? Do I carry on to clear the infection...was it these that made her have this episode or did they just heighten a pre existing condition? Does she have bi polar? How do I get help and not just made to feel like a dramatic mother??? Please please help Julie Bennison


2022-07-10 14:18:13

Hi. My son had rapid onset of OCD, behavioural changes, severe low mood and epileptic type episodes. He also became irritable, tired, obstructive and kept saying he felt empty and wanted to die. This started after a chesty cough and sore throat for which he was then given steroids. This is when it all began. Drs have put this down to anxiety - hahaha! They also put it down to the steroids. Don’t think so. He now complains of not feeling real and he says things look different. He has headaches and his behaviour has improved somewhat but he still has OCD with food and health. No one has offered me a proper explanation as to why my son has changed overnight!! I think it’s PANDAs. Please, please can you help me make my 12 year old well again.


2022-03-15 18:37:16

At our wits end with our poor 6 year old daughters sudden health decline. First was the sudden severe ‘head banging’ violent tics then feeling really unwell screaming in pain with stomach ache and joint pain leaving her unable to walk very far. On a part time time table at school due to how poorly she’s been and they’ve seen regression in ability and handwriting. The anxiety is so bad that she has to be with someone at all times and is heavily supported by the teaching staff when she does make it to school. The list goes on, racing heart beat, cries saying she can’t swallow, hands going into funny spasms, feet give way, she moves in a jerky manner a lot of the time finding it hard to sit still, can’t sleep properly, says she can’t live like this anymore! :( Neurologist says it could be PANDAS as her ASOT >800 but there’s nothing he can do to make things better and there’s no test to diagnose this condition. Now looking to find a doctor / neurologist who can help why is this so difficult :(

Dr Tim Ubhi

2021-12-31 16:59:35

Hi Susie, I will try my best to help as much as possible, Dr Tim

Dr Tim Ubhi

2021-12-31 16:58:42

Hi rachel, Please contact our patient treatment coordinator, Vicki Greener at Vicki@ e-hospital.co.uk and she will be able to help. Dr Tim

Dr Tim Ubhi

2021-12-31 16:57:10

HI Sarah, AF is very unusual in this age group. This will need a full work up by the cardiologists including a metabolic work up. I hope you get your son better, Dr Tim

Sarah Starling

2021-09-28 12:52:00

My now grown up son Matthew was diagnosed with PANDAS at Boston children’s hospital aged 3. He was typical of the symptoms. He had a normal echocardiogram at that time Last night he was rushed to hospital with chest pain. Apparently the ECG shows atrial fibrillation He is waiting to see a cardiologist I worked in medicine for years and I think it’s important the specialist is aware of the PANDAS He is 25 now. Do you have any advice. He has outgrown the tics and OCD

Rachael Worrall

2021-09-23 00:07:23

How do we book a consultation please and how much please? We live in Staffordshire but are pretty desperate with our 10 year old so would travel. Wondering on pandas. Thank you rachael

Susie Grady

2021-08-10 08:46:21

Hi my daughter is currently very unwell in a tier 4 Camhs bed in Potters Bar. If I pay for a video consultation with her psychiatrist can I also join the call from home. As I am not allowed onto the unit at present ? Thank you. My daughter is called Rose Grady and her story has been in Herts live.


2021-03-04 16:41:04

Go back and beg for antibiotics- amoxicillin- not penicillin- ask them if they don’t believe you, to pretend you came in with a chest infection and let you try them- her symptoms will either subside or not. If they do- you’re onto something. If they don’t, it may be something else. Do not be put off, demand to speak to someone else. Good luck

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