How to take a child’s temperature

30th April 2019

Temperature is an important indicator of infection in a child.

Parent’s often worry about the best way to take a temperature in their baby or child. My experience is that the forehead strips are variable and unreliable. The Royal college of nursing and NICE guidelines recommend that a baby under 4 weeks of age should have their temperature measured using an electronic axillary (arm-pit) thermometer. These are relatively cheap to buy (usually under £10) and simple to use.

After 4 weeks of age you can continue to use an electronic axillary thermometer, but my personal preference is to use an infrared tympanic thermometer. This is a thermometer that is placed in the ear and measures the child’s core temperature. It’s quick and easy.

The HOTPOD® kit uses an infrared tympanic thermometer to measure temperature. Every parent should have access to, at the very least, a thermometer to look for signs of infection in their children.


Posted in: Children's Health Topics by Dr Tim Ubhi


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